USGTF Details

Founded in 1989, the United States Golf Teachers Federation began making history by training and certifying golf teaching professionals for the golfing public. By opening the door to those that previously were never given the opportunity to teach golf, the USGTF started a trend that has led the game through two decades of growth and popularity never seen before.

Today, the USGTF and the WGTF are the largest organizations made up strictly of golf teaching professionals in the world with over 25,000 members. The USGTF is a founding member of the World Golf Teachers Federation and is one of 42 member nations that make up this entity. Both Federations help to establish the world's standard for golf teaching professionals.

The USGTF educational theme is that of progressive learning. We incorporate three levels of certification for the golf teaching professional from a USGTF Associate Member to a fully Certified Golf Teaching Professional and also a Master Teaching Professional for those fully certified wishing further advancment. Most USGTF members are entrepreneurs, well educated, and successful in other areas of life. What's more, they all love to teach golf. USGTF Teaching Professionals occupy all aspects of the golf teaching industry from head professionals at private and public golf courses, to those working at driving ranges, golf schools, indoor facilities, high schools, colleges and private teaching enterprises.