Joe Richie
Teaching Professional

USGTF Certified
Named a WGTF Top 100 Teacher

"As a novice golfer, I appreciate the patience Joe has had in helping me to improve my game. Joe has given me so many tips that have made golf so much more enjoyable for me and the people I play with." -- Sally Pearson
“Before I met Joe, I had worked with a few instructors but still was shooting in the 100's. After Joe's instruction, I now play in the low 90's and 80's. Joe has changed my golf game forever! One word to describe Joe Richie is OUTSTANDING!” -- David Saunders
“I started with Joe just over 3 months ago now and I must say it has been the best gift I have given myself. Joe is a refreshingly effective golf instructor who adapts to the student’s own style of golf. I was hopelessly lost when it came to the game of golf until I began to receive the expert knowledge and advice from Joe. I now have a greater understanding of not only the physical game, but the mental game that comes with playing. His teaching accompanied by his passion to help every student get what he or she wants out of golf is the greatest thing about lessons with him. I have gained so much confidence in my short game and in my full swing already and I owe it all to Joe and the time and patience that he has put into my future success as a golfer." -- Kelly Perry
“Last year I took a series of lessons with Joe in the spring and a couple of tune ups later in the season. By the end of the year I'd surpassed all of the yearly goals I set for my golf game. I couldn't have done it without Joe's help!” -- Steve Mullen
“Simply put, Joe got me out of the slow track onto the fast track in about 6 months. His knowledge, approach and persona are a great fit for me, and if one tactic doesn’t work, he always finds other ways to ensure I get the point of the lesson. He’s not just teaching the mechanics but affecting the mental side of the game and is teaching me how to learn for the long-term. His lessons are the best money I could have spent on the sport.” -- Tom Davidson
“Working with Joe is always a great experience, his instruction and skill level makes it very easy to understand and learn the game!” -- Bill Medlin
“I keep coming back for more...you've made me realize that it's not a text book sport. You have this way of individualizing the skill and you teach it to match the player's abilities. Who knew that a sponge and a stick could improve my game? You did...and I can't wait for what's next.” -- Joanna Gable
“Joe has a unique talent of teaching a very complex sport in a very simple way. I met Joe when I was shooting in the 100's. I now play in the mid 80's and I can honestly say without Joe I probably would have quit the sport.” -- William Saunders