Adult Instruction

Joe Richie
Teaching Professional

USGTF Certified
Named a WGTF Top 100 Teacher

Single 1 hour private lessons
Package of three private lessons          
Save $10.00
Package of six private lessons
Save $30.00
Package of ten private lessons
Save $60.00

Call or e-mail directly for lesson appointments and information.
Lessons are available year round, normally Monday – Friday.
Gift certificates are also available. 
Contact the Teaching Professional directly.
(804) 317-8527 or

Solid Start Golf - $160.00
This series is directed towards the beginner golfer or the newer golfer needing instruction on the basics of the game. Five private lessons, including one lesson on grip, stance, posture, set-up, alignment and the full swing and one lesson each on putting, chipping and pitching. It also includes a one hour playing lesson with additional instruction, teaching etiquette, course management, shot and club selection. Green and cart fees included. Bring a family member or friend and take the lessons together and get a 20% discount each up to a 30% discount each for three or more people. A great way to learn with family or friends!

Playing Lessons:
The instructor will be along side you step for step to give advice on the course strategy, etiquette, shot and club selection. Playing lessons are done mainly Monday-Friday both day and evenings.

2-Hour Playing Lesson
(The student must pay a $15.00 green/cart fee for the playing lesson)         

Group Instruction:
One hour group lessons with family or friends
Call for information and pricing


Joe Richie is a Professional Golf Instructor trained and certified beginning in October 2000 at the National Training site for the USGTF in Port St. Lucie Florida. In 2010, 2012, 2014 and again in 2016 he received an award from the World Golf Teachers Federation as one of the Top 100 teachers in the WGTF chosen from over 25,000 other Teaching Professionals world wide. This award is given out every two years for a two year period.

“Golf is a game, and both play and practice should be FUN not a struggle. Most of us have limited time to practice, so the lessons should be about having fun and learning things we can easily incorporate into our games to make playing more enjoyable. On the course you need to be able to think about the most important thing in golf, the TARGET, not swing or stroke mechanics. Whether we just want to play golf and have fun or if we take it more seriously you still want to enjoy what you do. I teach a simple to understand method tailored for the individual that focuses on the TARGET and teaching you to teach your mind and body to work together to accomplish the goal, getting the ball into the hole! We only learn as human beings by association and repetition. The teacher’s job is to effectively communicate and the student’s job is to practice correctly to make positive results possible. Come and see me, I would love to help you. “

Joe Richie